BESTPAY is the optimal choice for anyone, regardless of income or location. Welcome to the world where you don’t need a bank for financial transfers and services!
Three steps to open account:
  • To identify client in accordance with Know Your Client principles
  • Provision of the corporate documents
  • Fast account opening with ibank system

Once compliance procedures are completed the account will be opened quickly!


Small Business Customers

With BESTPAY Lite, you can transfer money anywhere in the world quickly and safely. Pay your important invoices abroad and take advantage of favourable prices for BESTPAY transfers and services. With this service, you receive up-to-date exchange rates simultaneously, thereby significantly reducing the costs of your international payments.

Most Advantageous Products of BESTPAY Lite :

  • International payments of bills and invoices abroad in a matter of minutes
  • Minimal costs for cashless payments
  • International payments on a daily basis with no limits to the amount
  • Free payments on the Internet and in stores
  • Up-to-date information on exchange rates
  • Ideal solution for small businesses



Corporate Business Customers

Corporate Business Customers / BESTPAY Business (for medium-sized companies and corporations) Do you need to make international payments, low-cost transfers, or require information about exchange rates? Do you want to send unlimited amounts of money abroad and pay minimal costs for cashless payments? BESTPAY Business is the answer for you! Most Advantageous Products of BESTPAY Business:

An account with BESTPAY completely replaces the services and need of a bank account Unlimited access to your online account Minimal costs for cashless services Efficient payment of international invoices in just a few minutes Up-to-date exchange rates online Multiple methods to deposit money to your account for your clients anywhere in the world Free payments on the Internet and in stores, ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world for constant minimal fee