You need to transfer money abroad quickly, safely and the cheapest way? Then we will help you! BESTPAY is safety, cost-effectively! Transfer money everywhere in the world. It is also a quick and easy way to receive payments from foreign countries and different currencies.

BESTPAY makes money transfers easy and affordable for:

  • Your family
  • Students
  • Business partners

If you want to have a multi-currency account with unlimited access, low cost, and high security – our Multi-currency Account is the answer for you! With Multi-currency Account you will be able to make international payments quickly and easily. You can make international payments from anywhere in the world. Your foreign customers can make payments directly on your Multi-currency Account.

Multi-currency Account will allow you to save money in the account (unlike simple Cash Transfer). This way, you can use it as a shared Bank account with Internet banking.

To use Multi-currency Account, you can register in our office or complete the form on the website (here).

Payment Account is a convenient and reliable way to pay the bills to avoid costly bank charges.

After registering, you can get an access your account immediately. You can pay bills, manage your account, fund your account, recharge your cell phone or make an online purchase via our website on the Internet.

You can register directly on our website in order to take full advantage of Payment Account. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up!