Small Business Customers

With BESTPAY Lite, you can transfer money anywhere in the world quickly and safely. Pay your important invoices abroad and take advantage of favourable prices for BESTPAY transfers and services. With this service, you receive up-to-date exchange rates simultaneously, thereby significantly reducing the costs of your international payments.

Most Advantageous Products of BESTPAY Lite :

  • International payments of bills and invoices abroad in a matter of minutes
  • Minimal costs for cashless payments
  • International payments on a daily basis with no limits to the amount
  • Free payments on the Internet and in stores
  • Up-to-date information on exchange rates
  • Ideal solution for small businesses

With BESTPAY Business Lite, you can use the following services:

BESTPAY Payment Account

BESTPAY Payment Account allows you to pay bills and invoices that would be time-consuming and expensive when paying via your bank’s services. After you register at BESTPAY, you get online access to a personal account. You can then pay your bills, invoices, top up your mobile phone credit, or pay for your purchases on our website. Create an account here.

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You can also use other BESTPAY products such as Multi-currency Account or Cash Transfer.