Sending money to foreign

Send money with BESTPAY quickly and hassle free to 130 countries
around the world

Three convenient ways to send money
Send money in most comfortable service point for you
Many places to send cash from
Visit one of the hundred thousand places in Europe where you can send cash with BESTPAY.


Accepting payments from abroad
Identity document and control code
Are usually the only things you will need to receive the cash sent to you by your loved ones.
Benefits of the BESTPAY service

The money transfer fee is paid only by the payer.

Money is available for payment almost immediately upon dispatch.

In many BESTPAY points, you can convert the cash you receive straight into the currency you need, all at a favourable rate!

Identification document and a control code are usually the only things required to receive a transfer.

Your loved ones can find BESTPAY in their city
We already have more than 100,000 contact points in 130 countries worldwide, and we are expanding.
Helps his family
Antonio, Holland
Sends money to his pregnant wife
Taras, Poland
Helps relatives from their native settlement
Ozumair, Germany
Pays tuition for his children
Nguyen, Czech Republic
Helps his parents
Amit, UK
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