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Price list

effective from 17.4.2023

BESTPAY only charges the Customer transactional fees and potential cancellation fees. There are no regular or recurring fees.

Due to the fluctuating variables associated with transaction pricing, fees can only be determined once all the necessary details are provided for a specific transaction.

The applicable fee for each transaction will always be clearly displayed and requires the Customer's confirmation prior to finalizing the transaction.

Any general prices showcased on our website as part of promotional or marketing materials are solely for illustrative purposes and should be used as a guideline only, not a definitive cost.

BESTPAY s.r.o., ID: 04111648, with its registered office at Purkyňova 74/2, 110 00 Prague 1 - Nové Město, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, file number C 242665.

Document version No.: 2023.01

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